About SmaSys

Smart Systems (SmaSys) is the new technologies and systems to realize an efficient, safe, and comfortable society without burdening the environment. To achieve SmaSys, an international academic conference, is hold by Yamagata University.

SmaSys is a unique international conference which aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of fields.

Yamagata University is one of the world’s leading centers for organic electronics, focusing on organic electroluminescence (EL), organic solar cells, and organic semiconductors. In addition, research is being actively conducted in a number of the fields, and includes basic research in chemistry and materials such as polymers, as well as applications in electronics, mechanics, and information technology (IT). To facilitate practical utilization of this research to benefit society, we aim to bring together researchers to present and discuss smart systems engineering.

Who are the main organizers?

The conference will be managed by graduate students.

The conference is planned and organized by the students of the Flex Graduate School of Yamagata University. Flex Graduate School is a five-year integrated doctoral education program, one of whose aims is the fostering of students’ability to plan and organize, including the organization of conferences. The conference has been sponsored by Yamagata University and held at its Yonezawa Campus since 2013 to support student education and engineering for the benefit of society. However, due to the prevailing pandemic situation and similarly to last year, the conference will be held online this year also.

The conference is intended to attract researchers from a wide range of fields. This will provide greater opportunities than ever before to integrate research results from various fields and promote the creation of smart systems from an interdisciplinary perspective. As a result, we aim to accelerate the creation of a prosperous society in the future. Another objective of the conference is to promote the perspective broadening and globalization of graduate students, and to strengthen their planning and management skills. To achieve this goal, the conference will be managed by graduate students, who will organize the program and chair the different sessions of the conference. Through this, we aim to deepen exchanges between students and young researchers in diverse fields of engineering and from diverse geographical areas, including those from overseas. The conference will also provide students a great opportunity to cultivate not only their ability to find and solve interesting and important problems, but also their ability to communicate, that will, we hope, enable them to contribute to societal development.

Who will attend?

Researchers in diverse fields are welcome to attend the conference and deepen the knowledge of the participants!!

In addition, the poster presentations at this conference are from participants of different levels. Not only Master’s students but also undergraduates and students from technical colleges participate in this conference, and their fields of study are very diverse, including artificial intelligence, agriculture, mathematics, and so on. Researchers in vastly different fields are most welcome to attend the conference and deepen the knowledge of the participants!!

Message from Chairperson

International Conference on Smart Systems Engineering (SmaSys) is a series of successful conferences SmaSys starting with the first conference (SmaSys2013) held in 2013, organized to promote discussion on “smart systems engineering” between young, active, and motivated scientists. SmaSys covers a wide range of subjects on smart materials, devices, systems, and related research. It is an invaluable opportunity to share and exchange opinions and knowledge of various fields.

We look forward to hearing exciting presentations from many young scientists, especially students. The aims of SmaSys involve providing opportunities for presentations at an international conference for students without much experience, and we welcome presentations by young students. Student presenters can be nominated for the Best Presentation Award.

SmaSys got online by the COVID-19 epidemic that significantly impacted our daily lives. To provide opportunities for presentation to a wide range of young researchers, SmaSys2023 will also be convened as a fully online conference with three invited lectures and student poster sessions. I appreciate it if you get any new insight and network contributing to the progress in these fields at SmaSys2023.

The organizing committee, including the iFlex students, promises to provide an attractive program. We sincerely hope your attendance at SmaSys2023. Your contribution will add a remarkable impact on the conference.

Thank you in advance.

Bungo Ochiai, SmaSys2023 Chairperson